Links & K-9 Vesting Programs

K-9/MWD Vesting / Support Programs – National/State-Wide

**National*** Vesting / Support  programs

1Boy4Change – K9 First Aid Kits & heat alarms

K9 Defender Fund – provides Buddy Bags (K9 1st Aid kits with O2 masks), cooling vests, protective wear for dogs’ eyes/paws/ears , harnesses, leashes, etc  for K9 teams, Military, Fire, Police and SAR

National Police Dog Foundation Raising funds, promoting education & awareness for the purchase, training & on-going veterinary care for active & retired police K-9’s

Project Paws Alive provides bulletproof K9 Vests, Trauma Kits for K9s, Heat Alarms, and Pet Oxygen masks to Fire/Rescue/EMT

Retired Paws “Supporting Our Retired Canines” – veterinary care for K-9s/SAR

Roethlisberger Foundation thru The Giving Back Fund K9s & equipment

Spikes K9 Fund – Safety gear, Veterinary bill assistance – working or retired

The United States War Dogs Association care packages to our US Military Working dogs & their Handlers, veterinary care for retired MWDs, CWDs.

Vest N’ P.D.P. (Police Dog Protection – vests only, Susie Jean)


***State-wide/local*** Vesting /Support programs

AZ – 

CA/State Park K9s – California State Park Canine Foundation Education on the benefits of police service dogs in California State Parks & surrounding communities, provide K9 training & equipment; assist caring for our retired K9 partners.

CA/Southern – K-9 Armor (vests only – Suzanne Saunders, Founder)   

CA/Northern – Police and Working K9 Foundation/Cover Your K-9 vests, 1st Aid kits & K9 1st Aid Training 

CA/Anaheim – Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 – Medical care costs of retired Anaheim Police Canines, Training Aids/Equipment, provide education and awareness about our K-9s

CA/Arroyo Grande – Friends of the Arroyo Grande K9’s  support and promote the K-9 Division of the Arroyo Grande Police Department

CA/Foothills area – Foothills K9 Association care and safety of active and retired law enforcement K9s

CA/Los Angeles – Los Angeles Police K9 Fund – purchase of police dogs, training, equipment and medical care for LAPD Metro K9

CA/Orange County – Orange County Police Canine Association  – to assist the families of fallen officers, provide medical care for retired police K-9s, assist police departments needing to replace retired K-9s, and provide further training for K-9 teams, share information about the training and use of canines in law enforcement with their annual benefit show.

CA/Sacramento County –  Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association – cover retired K9 medical expenses, promote the use of SSD K9’s and police service dogs in the community, provide additional training and equipment for SSD K9’s and their handlers, and cover burial costs when our K9 partners pass away

CT – 

GA – Project Paws Alive K9 Vests, Trauma Kits for K9s & Pet Oxygen masks to Fire/Rescue/EMT

MA – Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog K9 vests, essential equipment, training & dogs 

MA/Ashland – Ashland Police Association (K9 Unit)

MA/Barnstable – Barnstable (MA) Police K-9 Foundation  Assistance in purchases of K-9 dogs, K9 medical and dental care, Purchase of K-9 related health and well being supplements, Purchase of K-9 related training equipment, Purchase of K-9 working equipment, Training and seminars for K9s and or handlers, Provide safety equipment for K-9 teams

MA/Cape & Islands – Cape Cod K9 Relief Association Veterinary care for retired K9s – Cape Cod/Islands only

MA/Cohasset – Cohasset (MA) Working Dog Foundation Supports Cohasset’s Police K-9 program; provide grants/support to people & programs in need of service dogs, including guide dogs for the blind, hearing and mobility-impaired, & seizure alert dogs.

MA/Holbrook – Holbrook Police Department K-9 Fund   purchase K9s, provide veterinary care, food, provisions, equipment, & training gear

MA/Holliston – Friends of Holliston PD K9 – equipment, training, food, vet care

MA/Marlboro – Marlborough PD K9

MA/Plymouth – Plymouth (MA) Police Working Dog Foundation  maintains, expands, and ensures a successful K-9 Program with vet care, food, equipment, purchase dogs.

MA/Quincy – Quincy (MA) Police Working Dog Foundation

MI – Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association dogs, training, medical expenses, dog food, equipment, car inserts, carriers, leads, harnesses, heat alarms, etc. Plus funds to care for the K9 after retirement

MN/St. Paul – 

NJ/Trenton Region – Capital K9 Association bullet proof vests, training & other safety equipment

NC – 

NH, ME, MA – 

NV/Las Vegas –  Friends for the Las Vegas Police Department K-9’s Equipment, K9 Trials, training, vet care for active & retired LVPD K9s

NY – Protect & Vest NYK9s – vests and essential K9 equipment

IN – Vest Indiana K-9s! (vests and other K9 equipment – Patti Olesen)

OH – Vest Ohio K-9s (vests and other K9 equipment – Patti Olesen)

OH – 

OR/Redmond – Redmond Friends of K9 – support for new and current K9’s

PA– PA K9 Assistance Foundation vests, kennels, 1st aid kits, etc 

PA/Berks County – Friends of Berks County K9  – help maintain & enhance the Berks County Sheriff K-9 unit, and to provide education and awareness to the citizens of Berks County about their K-9s

SC – 

TX –                                  

VA – Virginia Police Canine Association <bottom of pg> VPCA K-9 Ballistic Vest Project

VA/Richmond – Friends of Richmond K-9 supporting current/retired K-9s for Richmond PD

WA – Keeping K9s in Kevlar – vests only

WI – WI VEST-A-DOG (vests only, Donna Morgan – Founder)

Favorite K-9 LinksUSPCA – United States Police K-9 Association 
NAPWDA – North American Police Work Dog Association
US War Dogs
IPWDA – International Police Work Dog Association

ESPECIALLY FOR KIDS!  General Info on working dogs by Blue Buffalo


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“Sergeant Rex: The Unbreakable Bond between a Marine and His Military Working Dog” by Mike Dowling

“Soldier Dogs:  The Untold Story of America’s Canine Heroes” by Maria Goodavage

“Top Dog: The Story of Marine Hero Lucca” by Maria Goodavage

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